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The Federation of Damanhur

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

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In the Alpine foothills of Northern Italy is The Federation of Damanhur. Damanhur is an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values awarded by an agency of the United Nations as a model for a sustainable future. Founded in 1975, the Federation has about 1,000 citizens and extends over 500 hectares of territory. Every year thousands of people visit Damanhur to experience its social model, study the philosophy and meditate in the Temples, an underground construction that advocates describe as “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” At its university and mystery school, courses, workshops and conferences range from Music of the Plants to Astral Travel.

J is for Juncture

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

In-between the 0′s and 1′s, that’s where the action is. It’s the zone of the unknown. The portal of possibilities. Not many Nobel Prize winners believe in the paranormal, but physicist Brian Josephson does, endorsing both cold fusion and the “memory of water.” Nor are there many of society’s wealthiest who openly admit their belief in unexplained phenomenon, yet it’s been reported that Laurance Rockefeller supported various UFOlogy organizations for years, and currently, entrepreneur Robert Bigelow not only owns The Bigelow Ranch, formerly The Sherman Ranch, where paranormal activities have been documented, but funds the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS) dedicated to sponsoring paranormal research. Although many individuals believe in unexplained phenomenon, most keep quiet, cautious of being labeled “out there.” However, according to astrobiologist David Grinspoon, what sounds like magic really just depends on where science is at the time, and if it does sound like magic, maybe everything is magic in some sense anyway. For instance, take synchronicity, those meaningful coincidences that occur in our lives usually when we are experiencing intense periods of creative growth and transformation, such as when we need to break habits and patterns that no longer serve us. According to physicist F. David Peat, synchronicities bridge mind and matter. They are deep connections where your inner world and outer world meet, or when your dreams manifest in reality. Or, as mathematician Ralph Abraham suggests, if you think of thought waves or phenomenon waves as being the underlying mechanism of the world, one can think of synchronicity in terms of resonance, where one event is the consequence of a string being plucked causing another string to synchronously respond, ringing at the same frequency. For cartoonist Scott McCloud, juncture is that landscape in-between the comic strip panels, and it’s his hope that one day cartoonists will expand this interstices so that you and I can leap and fly through the panels and new stories of reality can emerge. So, go ahead, stick your head inside the world of possibilities. Fill in the ____.