Join the conversation: How can we create a society that’s addicted to health?

Jonas Salk stated that the most powerful way to improve society’s health would be to create an epidemic of health. Health would be contagious, spreading from person to person around the globe.

Today, in our open social networked world, we have created an environment in which massive, global changes can happen with startling speed from which dramatic new advances in health and wellness may now emerge. Inspired by Salk’s vision, Sputnik Observatory has undertaken a study to identify out-there possibilities that have the ability to propel health as a ‘social contagion.’

There is a paradigm shift underway: each and everyone one of us will be active participants in our health, monitoring, treating and enhancing our moods, emotions and well-being. In our increasingly interdependent world, we will reward each other for being healthy. This dramatic shift will enable society to move towards shared investment that drives lasting, behavioral change for a more healthier, brighter, sustainable future for all.

We will be collaborating with several partners to create a public program that brings greater awareness to the possibilities in which we can all participate in a more healthy and vibrant society. Updates will be posted here, but in the meantime, please join us in our mission to make health contagious.

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  1. JG says:

    Thanks for this important question. Taking control of one’s own health is always the first step, and as we get more tools to track and eventually get the means to cure ourselves, imagine what the world will be like then…

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