Launching Monday 18 October 2010

Virgin Galactic provides exclusive documentary coverage of maverick entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and legendary aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan as they strive to be first to make space tourism an everyday reality. Also included in the premiere episode will be the backstory of the venture, including Rutan’s win of the Ansari X Prize with SpaceShipOne and WhiteKnightOne.

The documentary reveals unseen behind the scenes footage, showing a journey of innovation, genius and hard work by Burt Rutan and the amazing team at Scaled Composites. This, powered by the vision of Sir Richard Branson, has promised to make space travel a reality.

Click here to preview the first episode of the documentary now, and tune into NGC on Monday, October 18, at 10 pm ET/PT to see the whole story!

(This will be repeated on Sunday 24th October at 8 pm and 11 pm and Monday 25th October at 6 pm ET/PT)

Visit the Virgin Galactic website to read more.

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