Top 10 New Species for 2010

Photo of Psychedelic Frogfish by David Hall /

The International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) announced the top 10 New Species for 2010. Chaired by Dr. Janine Caira of the University of Connecticut, an international committee of taxon experts selected the Top 10 New Species from the thousands of species fully described and published in calendar year 2009. Nominations from the public were invited through the IISE Web site and were also generated by IISE staff and committee members themselves.

And the winners are:

Attenborough’s Pitcher

Bombardier Worm

Udderly Weird Yam

Bug-eating Slug

Far-out Frogfish

Uber Orb-weaver

Small Favor

Fanged Fish

Short-circuited Electric Fish

Killer Sponge

Nominations for 2011 Top 10 New Species is open. Anyone may nominate a species for consideration. The species must have been officially described as new during calendar year 2010. The closing date for nominations is March 15, 2011. There are no firm rules or guidelines for the selection of the top ten species and the final list shall be determined by a vote of an international committee of experts appointed by the IISE.

Obvious examples of criteria for selection include “records” (largest, smallest, etc.), “superlatives” (most, first, last, etc.), humorous or interesting names, surprising characters, properties or distributions, etc. Nominations should include a reference to the actual description in a journal or monograph, reference to a Web site or images of the species if they exist. If you would like to nominate a species, please visit IISE Species Nomination.

via Arizona State University

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