Frequencies and Plant Health

Photo via flickr by tanakawho

Plant geneticist, Bruce Tainio, states that there is relationship between frequencies and plant health. Tainio is the founder and president of Tainio Technology & Technique Inc., and president of Coherent Resources.

In his studies, Tainio developed a method of measuring the frequencies plants were emitting, and invented the BT3â„¢ Frequency Monitoring System.

The frequency monitor for Tainio has become a valuable tool in explaining that different frequencies can effect energy fields either positively or negatively, which in turn has significant effects on the health of the organism.

Tainio also states he has developed a method of increasing speed and percentage of germination, and incorporated this method into Tainio Technology’s all natural agricultural products to improve their effectiveness in promoting amazing plant growth, health and yield. Tainio has also created the Coherent Water Resonatorâ„¢ said to be effective in the clean-up of polluted lakes, ponds and rivers.

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  1. Harry Ortiz Prada says:

    Congratulations to Mr Bruce Tainio
    This is a great confirmation and culmination of years of investigation in this area.
    How can we colaborate on your project??? Do you want to test it on tropical plants??? e-mail me if yes.
    I’m also interested on the water coherent resonator, I’m working on one to breakdown the water molecules in order to obtain Brown gas, stay in touch
    Congratulaions again, the best for success!!!

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