Rainmakers: Weather Systems are Information Fields

Photo via flickr by faeryboots

New Zealand based TWM uses “knowledge wave” technology based on weather modification customs practiced by Indigenous peoples for years. Its first publicized demonstration was in December 2002 with both Louis Vuitton series in Auckland, NZ and the bushfires in New South Wales, Australia.

According to TWM, its methods have developed from early experience with non-local or distant healing, and it views weather systems as energy fields or information fields that can be altered in direction and intensity. Its web site states: “Consciousness as an active agent in the establishment of physical reality is receiving considerable attention from some of the world’s prestigious scientific institutions. It has been claimed, despite impressive achievements by materialist, mechanistic science, that the most important future scientific endeavor will be the ‘science of the subjective’ or ‘science of consciousness.’”

TWM offers services such as: Rainfall generation, dissapation or prevention for disaster prevention or augmentation; as well as modified weather events for weather dependent business such as aviation, fishing, forestry, hydro power, and for emergency situations such as air pollution or forest fire suppression. TWM has two decades of experience in altering weather systems and managing weather-related disaster, and its success rate to date is over 80%. According to TWM: “weather modification should serve the interest of international understanding and cooperation… and should be dedicated to the benefit of mankind and the environment.”

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