Z is for Zero Point Energy

As the world awaits the end of fossil fuels and the beginning of clean, non-polluting technologies that will serve to rejuvenate our economies, our planet and our well-being, the call is to remove all doubtful blindfolds and consider that there may be a free, limitless supply of energy everywhere in the universe that can be tapped and used to power every invention mankind has ever imagined and yet to dream. If proven true, and we succeed as Nikola Tesla predicted, in attaching our machinery to the very wheelwork of nature, our society awaits the most intense period of evolution in the history of civilization. The crux of the matter lies with quantum physics. Physicists used to think space was empty. The vacuum was a void. But what the bizarre microscopic world of quantum theory tells us is that the universe is a sea of quantum energy or zero point energy. It’s called zero point energy because even if you froze the entire universe down to absolute zero, froze out all motion, energy is still there. The well-established notion of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is supportive, stating that no object ever rests inside the quantum world because it’s where subatomic particles appear and disappear, and when they do this mischevious “jiggle,” they leave a small amount of zero point energy behind. And while the ability to measure the Casimir force established evidence of ZPE, and subsequently, indicated that faster-than-light travel is possible, inertia, the sensation of being pushed back into your seat when an airplane takes off, may be the clincher. Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch and physicist Alfonso Rueda suggests that this physical force is merely due to the zero point field, and if true, than Newton was wrong. Gravity is just an interaction between matter and the zero point field and antigravity is possible. And while internet entrepreneur Joe Firmage continues to advocate the future potential of ZPE, and theoretical physicist Hal Puthoff diligently conducts experiments, let’s you and I hope there is something called nothing and that the best things in life are limitless and free. Over and out, zeropoint.

2 responses to “Z is for Zero Point Energy”

  1. Jacques says:

    If you waste your platform espousing “something for nothing” ideas as soft headed as zero-point energy, the rest of your entire project will be diluted. iI’s dangerous and irresponsible to suggest that a deus ex-machina will save the entire human race at the last minute from the repercussions of our bad decisions. Techno-topian futurists are selling a powerful elixir of millenarian fantasies to convince the deluded masses that everything will be alright and we can just go back to the status quo of suburban track homes and ratatouille. Your project otherwise seems intelligent, but I’m afraid this type of fantasy reveals a deep type of intellectual irresponsibility that is all too common. What a shame.

  2. J Foss says:

    Jacques, I feel you are blowing this way out of proportion… I don’t believe the author’s intent was to say this will solve global problems, rather it is an interesting concept that will be exciting to develop. Clearly ZPE is in its infancy stage… no one expects it to replace fossil fuels in the near future… and I’m not seeing any intellectual irresponsibility here… my guess is the deluded masses are probably not reading this site (they’re probably on TMZ right now), so no need to worry about misleading them into non-action.

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