S is for Symbiosis

Get social. That’s the modern mantra in today’s networked world. The Darwinian days of believing competition beats cooperation is over. Today we see the celebration of social capitalism as micro-finance strategies bolster community economies and business begins to realize that what’s good for profits must also be good for the world. It’s remarkable, symbiosis was formerly a heretical view. Now generally accepted as a major source of evolutionary change, the merging of organisms into new collectives represents an Earth history that has endured due to social strategies. In fact, it is said that the universe itself is social. The swirling protons and neutrons that make up my body, and your body, are those that formed alliances femtoseconds after the Big Bang. Viewing symbiotic stars is perhaps the most astonishing, as it is only through chance encounters they become one. Simply put, life is a communal affair. So, play nice with others. Share, share, that’s fair.

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