S is for Sensethyself

The olfactory bubble is the space that surrounds each person’s body. It is the space filled with one’s scent of self. Like a fingerprint, studies show that every individual is born with their own unique, distinct scent based on the immunogenetic system of the body, the system that tells immune cells what is the self, and what is the non-self. Although this fact is as controversial in the fragrance world as Luca Turin’s suggestion that receptors are cued by the vibrational frequency of odor molecules rather than the accepted theory of lock-and-key, already DARPA has designed “The Unique Signature Detection Project” for the purpose of identifying terrorists stating that scent-identification is not only less invasive, but as effective as retinal scans and fingerprinting. Researchers are also hopeful that scent signatures will be leveraged for health and medical diagnosis, as well as used to identify compatible immune systems for organ transplantation. Moreover, operating as a sensorial feedback loop, it is suggested that a person’s body odor not only has the power to influence their own hormonal system, but the hormonal system of another. In fact, scientists now suspect that pheromones, historically perceived as legitimate folly, may nonetheless be plausible, as studies show that the ability to actually smell love is influenced by the MHC gene of the body, a large gene family that plays a role in the immune system and reproductive success. Whether or not couples will stand in front of an odor-meter at CVS to validate their love is yet to be seen, however it’s safe to say that in the future, one’s true personal body odor will be considered a status symbol, a sign of a healthy, happy and beautiful body.

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