P is for Plenum

To understand the plenum one has to go beyond the idea that the vacuum is a sea of quarks, muons or dimensional strings, and consider that information underlies and structures all energetic processes. That we are living in a world where quantum wavicles are nothing but 0′s and 1′s, that the physical world is digital. In physics, we learn that information and energy are two sides of the same coin, that information can be transformed into energy and visa-versa. Yet in schools, only the physics of energy is taught, and according to computer scientist Jacques Vallee, there should be a physics of information, an understanding that physical events are not based on time, but linked by information and association, similar to the way “search” functions on Google or Yahoo. If this is the case, then coincidences would be nothing strange, it would just be how the universe operates. Like when you do a “search,” you get “answers.” It’s not that these “answers” were pre-organized for your particular search, but it works nonetheless when you type in a key word. If the universe is essentially a database where there is no time, this is a paradigm shift: we must begin to view our brains as primarily information machines whereby consciousness give us an illusion of the physical world.

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