H is for Hidden

If you look close, all sorts of things are happening, they’re just hidden in plain site. For instance, in the room you are sitting in right now, there are molecules bouncing off the walls, yet when you look, the air is still, doing nothing at all. So, what scientists do, is use mathematics to make predictions. Because, the fact is, we live in a mathematical world. In fact, currently scientists suspect that not only is nature fractal, but the quantum world is fractal, a hyper-realization that there is a geometric code to life, and everything is interconnected after all. However, this could all be an illusion. Because the fact is, we have pattern-seeking minds, we are hard-wired for pattern-recognition. But it’s likely that there’s more information “out there,” but our brain acts like a filter. For example, science says we live in a multi-dimensional universe. Can you see it? No, because we are trapped in 3D. We can only move forwards and backwards, left and right, up and down. But there could be another universe less than a millimeter away! Perhaps its time, that you and I, develop an eagle-eye, like artist Trevor Paglen, for instance, who uses limit-telephotography to capture covert military operations that our taxes are paying for. Perhaps.

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